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Run Fast: Right Training, Right Food, Right Thoughts

 Anyone can improve.  Anyone can get better.  What is competition but to be better than we are right now or to put ourselves to a higher test, with or without the relative comparison of other competitors.

Would you like a better, faster running, higher performance you with more endurance over a longer period of time? Would you like to learn how to better service your body mechanics?

Whether  you are a weekend warrior or a maintenance man, a sometimes athlete or a casual sports enthusiast, or a “wanna be”competitor or the absolute top elite athlete: the main ingredient for improvement in any sport is SPEED.!



MECHANICAL, POSTURAL, TECHNICAL ISSUES exist for anyone, from beginner to professional athlete.  In the beginning stages of learning to run, correct running technique is of utmost importance.  Varying your training with slow jogging, interval training, adding play (fartlek training), strength training are all part of the focused runner.  You may have been very diligent with your running workouts, worked very hard, even harder and longer, but seem  to have reached a plateau.  Your running times don’t change.  Some  people, coaches even, may be stuck in an old paradigm that people either “have it or they don’t.”   Yes, to a degree that is true, but YOU CAN TRAIN TO RUN FASTER.

YOU CAN LEARN  how to utilize and train your SPECIFIC RUNNING MUSCLE FIBERS  for EXPLOSIVE POWER.  YOU CAN LEARN  how to CONTROL MUSCLE FIBERS  so that they FIRE THE MOST EFFICIENTLY  like the spark plugs in a well serviced car.  

YOU CAN LEARN  the best way to INCREASE THE POWER VELOCITY  of your upward moving thigh to propel your leg forward from the knee to cover a larger distance.  The MORE ARC THE LEG CAN CREATE,  the LONGER THE STRIDE, the FASTER YOU RUN.  It’s that simple.





Most of us have a  “smattering” of an idea of what it is to eat healthy and yet so many people struggle with their bodies.  Well exercised individuals as well as people in training to run or impove their speed for their sport of choice, may have that little “extra layer” that they just can’t park somewhere else.


You can learn the best foods to eat to help with that fat burning furnace.

You can learn how to help your body to optimize and utilize the food you do give it.  In other words, you can learn how to better absorb this right nutrition and improve elimination.

 You can learn how to prepare your body for high performance, hydrate your body, prolong your body’s performance, increase your strength and endurance and help prevent inflammation (stiffness)   through better nutrition and supplements.

You can learn that the proportionate amount of carbohydrates and protein replacement can yield improved performance, speed and endurance.




“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.”

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

Up until 1954, no one believed in a 4 minute mile, not until of course Rogister Bannister, set that record straight!  Soon after that there were all kinds of 4 minute miles.

YOU CAN LEARN  how to improve by having a keen interest to do so.

YOU CAN LEARN how to stay open to the possibility of change by having a good reason, and understand the “WHY.” it is important to you.

YOU CAN LEARN  how to improve your running speed by following an intuition that says, “This is the way.”

You can learn how to  better connect with your body and listen to what it is telling you.  When something feels off or everything feels right, listen.  YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR RUNNING SPEED.

YOU CAN LEARN  how to educate yourself by watching the pros run and by  staying open to the latest techniques and read and PRACTICE running in your mind’s eye as well as on the track.

You can learn how to watch your thoughts, because your thoughts become the actions of your life and we want a RUN FASTER action. You can do it!






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